Born in Greenville, Tennessee and raised by her beloved grandmother, Kimberly Morrison is the Home Mission Program Coordinator. She oversees and provides leadership to The Outreach Ministry which includes the AIDS Care Team, Adopt-A-School, Home Mission, and Prison ministries.

Morrison has been with The Park Church over nine years and believes her active role at church is best described in the bible verse from Isaiah 61: 1-3. In addition, she wants to, “Positively impact lives that lead to transformation”.

Radical, Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt is one of Kimberly’s favorite books and she enjoys cooking and personal training. She was educated in Delaware and Virginia and received her evangelist license from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and ministerial license from University Park Baptist Church.

Morrison is glad to be a blessing to God through The Park Church family saying, “We are challenged to give ourselves away so that God can use us.  And when we stand before God at the end of our journey, we would hope that we would not have a single bit of talent or gifting left, and could say, ‘We used our time, talent, and treasure to share the love, the life, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ to every person, in every place, and at every opportunity’”.

Morrison is married to Jerry and has four children: Tia, Raynita, Tamika and Kimberly

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