Counseling Ministry

The mission of the Counseling Ministry is to assist in developing Kingdom citizens by providing Christian counseling and services that aid individuals in understanding who they are in Christ and in applying their faith to life situations so that they may better worship and serve God.

About Counseling Sessions

Counseling services for members of The Park Church are provided free of charge. For non-members, there is a small fee. Sessions last for 50 – 60 minutes. Telehealth sessions are provided for individuals who reside in North and South Carolina. Due to licensure laws, therapy cannot be provided for persons who reside outside of these two states.

In addition to providing support for people experiencing life transitions in grief / loss, relationships and career, we support people who are experiencing crisis situations. Depending on the nature of the emergency, we may utilize community systems to assist in meeting health needs.

To get started with our counseling services, please complete the inquiry form. We generally reserve a 1-2 week waiting period before sessions begin.

Counseling Focus Areas

  • Bereavement Aftercare Ministry
    The Bereavement Aftercare Ministry consists of people called to serve as sources of caring and encouragement to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Contact: Dr. Raynette Covington
  • Cancer Care Ministry
    Cancer Care Ministry provides support an education for people who have been impacted by the illness. Contact: Tondra McLaurin
  • Caregivers Support Group
    The Caregivers Support Group provides participants emotional support and awareness about available resources. Meetings are held monthly for people who provide care for their loved ones.
  • Divorce Care Ministry
    Divorce Care Ministry support group offers practical guidelines, along with support and encouragement, for anyone struggling through the tragedy of a broken marriage. Contact: Tondra McLaurin
  • Domestic Violence Spiritual Advocates Ministry
    Domestic Violence Spiritual Advocates Ministry provides support, encouragement and resources to people impacted by domestic violence. Contact: Tondra McLaurin
  • Grief Share Ministry
    The Grief Share Ministry educates people about the grief process and provides spiritual and emotional support to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Contact: Dr. Raynette Covington
  • Job Transitions Ministry
    The Job Transitions Ministry is an ongoing ministry aimed at equipping and empowering participants in the event of job loss or career restructuring. Contact: Tondra McLaurin
  • Married Couples in Christ Ministry
    We serve married couples seeking to understand their relationship with God, self and each other. Contact: Dr. Major McGuire III

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To learn more about the Counseling Ministry, or to become involved, please contact one of our ministry leaders.

Photograph of Tondra McLaurin
Tondra McLaurin | Director of Christian Counseling
Photograph of Dr. Raynette Covington
Dr. Raynette Covington | Asst. Director Christian Counseling
Photograph of Dr. Major McGuire III
Dr. Major McGuire III | Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling