MT25:40 Mobile Shower and Laundry Center

MT25:40 is The Park Church’s Mobile Shower and Laundry Center, where those in our homeless community can wash their clothes and receive a hot shower. It creates the opportunity to experience the presence of Jesus in the lives of those we will serve.

raised toward the vision

We seek to partner with those whose mission and concern seeks to serve the residentially-challenged and displaced.

— Bishop Claude R. Alexander, Jr.

The vision of MT25:40 was introduced by Bishop Claude Richard Alexander, Jr. during the annual The Park Church conference held December, 2020, and inspired by like-minded community partners currently engaged in this form of street ministry.

The Park is joining other mobile units in changing the way we serve people transitioning through homelessness. Thanks to the members and community partners of The Park, our mobile unit services will be offered to our guests at no cost.

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