Through ministry, we graciously offer our God-given talents to build up the body of Christ.

  • Creative
    Envisioning ways to bring people to Christ through ideation, marketing and more.
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Married
    For married couples seeking to understand their relationship with God, self and each other.
  • Men’s
    Reaching, equipping and mobilizing men for Christ.
  • Outreach
    Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, we demonstrate the love of Christ by serving the needs of people in our community.
  • P.L.U.S. Ministry
    Meeting the needs of those who have specials needs in our congregation and in our community.
  • P.R.E.P.A.R.E. Ministry
    Helping you manage stress through life transitions and achieve greater peace of mind through education and preparation.
  • Pacesetters
    For members at least 62 years, advocating for seniors’ welfare and celebrating their contributions.
  • Pastoral Care
    Offering a Christ-centered approach to family health and wellness.
  • Prayer
    Spend quality time with God through corporate prayer and submit your requests.
  • PrimeTimers
    Members 50-60 years promoting fellowship, strengthening the Pacesetters, and setting examples for youth.
  • Singles
    Fulfilling God’s design for singleness through fellowship, discipleship, worship, evangelism, and service.
  • Studio P
    Creating rich experiences for members and guests through audiovisual technology.
  • Women’s
    Serving and glorifying God by meeting the spiritual, emotional and social needs of all women.
  • Worship and Arts
    Creating memorable worship experiences through song, dance, visual interpretation and theater.
  • Young Adults
    Supporting adults in their 20’s and 30’s as they grow into Kingdom-minded citizens.
  • Youth
    As the church, we partner with parents and families to provide safe, Christ-centered environments for children of all ages to come into a life-long relationship with God.