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Married Couples in Christ Ministry

The Married Couples in Christ Ministry intentionally seeks to make itself available to every married couple in The Park Church with the intent of encouraging them to live and experience marriage as understood through the eyes of God.

We recognize that marriage is God’s idea; therefore, we lean heavily upon the Word of God as our source of strength, power, and inspiration. This ministry seeks to help married couples not only to live and survive as husband and wife, but to live and thrive on the tried and proven principles of Christian marriage.

This ministry also offers attendees: Sunday School classes, Marriage Retreats, Seminars, Bootcamps and outside fellowship.

2024 Growing in Christ Catalog

Take advantage of all of the opportunities that The Park offers to grow in your relationship with Christ.

Signature Programs and Opportunities

  • Married Couples in Christ Bible Study
    The Married Couples in Christ Ministry hosts Sunday School and Bible Study sessions. These sessions are typically focused on a specific topic, which may be based on a supplemental reading.
  • So You Think You’re in Love
    A three-part series geared toward dating or engaged couples who want to make sure that they are moving in the direction that God intends for them.


To learn more about the Assimilation Ministry, or to become involved, please contact Dr. Major McGuire III at

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Dr. Major McGuire III | Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling