The Global Leadership Summit Registration Information

ExplanationRatePriority Code
Host Site Priority code This is only for your regular congregation/constituents$139 until 01/11; $159 until 06/15
$179 until Summit
Complimentary Registration
Comp page will be available around Feb 2022
$0See Complimentary page for site-specific codeDeadline: Tuesday August 2, 5pm CST
First Responders registrationsValid for active firefighters, police officers, EMTS, and paramedics. including hospital workers in COVID operations$99SMT22FIRSTRSPNDR
Military registrationsFor Active Duty Military and Reserve personnel and their spouses$99MILITARY
Student/FacultyAll students/faculty only applies to guests with an accredited college/university, or high school$99 by 8/5No priority code needed, but they must mark they are a student/faculty
Student OrganizationsFor staff of student organizations, i.e. YFC, Campus Crusade, Young Life$99SMT22YOUTH
Summit Partners – make sure you’ve entered them on the Summit Partner page$139 until 1/11; $159 until 6/15
$179 after
Under-resourced Leaders Read the Under-Resourced statement before using$99SMT22UR